Vocabulario LGTBIQ+ en Inglés

Como todo en este vida, cada tema, cada cuestión, cada argumento, tiene su propio vocabulario en Inglés y es mejor conocerlo antes de ponerse a hablar, para eso hemos sacado este post, para que puedas saber y conocer un vocabulario específico que quizás no esté tan extendido, pero que existe y nuca se sabe si podrías o no usarlo, quien sabe, la vida tantas vueltas, que quizás tienes un jefe, un amigo……. que quiere hablar sobre este tema, y como buen interlocutor, no quieres perderte tu derecho a opinar, a participar y sobre todo a enterarte de qué dicen.

In 2018, the government declared 28 June «National LGTBI+ Pride Day». But it was in 1977, in Barcelona, that a demonstration in favour of gay rights was held for the first time. The following year, in 1978, the demonstration was authorised in Madrid, becoming one of the most important Pride marches in Europe.

Every colour on the LGBTQIA+ flag has a meaning:

RED means LIFE;




BLUE means HARMONY; and


Brenda Howard

Bisexual rights activist, Brenda Howard, is considered the ‘Mother of Pride’ as she first coordinated the Liberation March (the original name of what we call Gay PRIDE today) in New York in June 1970, exactly a year after the Stonewall Riots. Thanks to the great work of Brenda, many other nations have followed in the USA’s footsteps, including the UK, with more and more Pride marches being held every year.

In or Out?

An online survey conducted by the Law Society in 2009 found that 96% of gay male and 92% of gay female respondents were ‘out’ in their personal lives, but only 9% of gay male and 27% of gay female respondents described themselves as ‘widely out’ in the workplace. Interestingly, whilst junior solicitors were more likely to be ‘out’, 40% of those under 25 had kept their sexual orientation a secret at their first firm.

I would hope that a survey taken today would show improved figures but these statistics highlight how important it is for employers to take diversity and inclusion seriously and ensure their employees feel just as comfortable at work as they are in their personal lives.

Being a gay man in the following countries was or is still illegal, but being a gay woman in these countries was never illegal or has since been legalised:

United Kingdom – being a gay man was illegal until 1967; being a gay woman was never illegal; South Africa – being a gay man was illegal until 1998; being a gay woman was never illegal; Jamaica – being a gay man is still illegal (legalisation has been proposed) and the current penalty is 10 years imprisonment and / or hard labour; being a gay woman was never illegal; Singapore – being a gay man is still illegal and the current penalty is two years in prison; being a gay woman has been legal since 2007; and Bangladesh – being a gay man is still illegal and the current penalty is 10 years in prison; being a gay woman is not illegal.

What about adoption?

The UK first allowed LGBTQIA+ couples to adopt in 2002 with the passing of the Children and Adoption Act, notwithstanding the historic (and more importantly, flawed) notion that LGBTQIA+ parents could have a negative effect on the upbringing of children. Whilst the UK has been progressive in this way, there remains a number of other countries which either do not allow LGBTQIA+ individuals to adopt or, strangely, do allow LGBTQIA+ individuals to adopt but not LGBTQIA+ couples. Such countries include the Philippines, Serbia and Greece.

Why is June the Pride month?

It dates back to the night of 27-28 June 1969, when police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village. It was a raid like so many others on gay bars. But this time those present, unjustly accused of indecency simply because of their sexual orientation, rebelled.

Lesbian Pride

The first march for the struggle for gay rights took place in 1970. It took 23 more years for the first lesbian demonstration to take place. It was in April 1993 and was organised by The Lesbian Avengers. There were 20,000 women in the procession.



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