Cambridge English
We prepare for Cambridge

¿Deseas conocer cuál es tu nivel de inglés? Realiza el siguiente cuestionario. Sólo te llevará un minuto y sabrás qué curso es el más indicado para ti.

Comprueba tu nivel de inglés con este sencillo test.

1. My bus usually _____________ a bit late.


2. Anne grew _________ speaking German


3. My __________is in London.


4. _________books in your bag are very interesting.


5. Excuse me, ________you tell me the time, please?


6. Jon’s salary is _____________.


7. Peter ___________ blue eyes.


8. Helen ____________ takes holidays in summer.


9. German is ________ to learn than Russian.


10. They __________ Helen tonight.


11. You were terrible as a baby! If only you ________ so good.


12. I _______________ to spend more money.


13. Los Angeles Lakers ______________ Phoenic Suns.


14. My son was born _______the 1st of March


15. Ron is pretty keen ______ comics.


16. My mum was cooking ___________my sister was talking on the phone.


17. Adam loves _______________ cakes.


18. There ___________salt in the soup.


19. I ___________with funding amongst other tasks.


20. It _____________ have been Dominique who you saw; she’s on holiday.


21. I __________ why he chose such an ugly suit.


22. They don’t know ___________ to go to France or Spain.


23. Eventually, I ____________ to speak to Victoria.


24. Paul is very grateful ______ his mother.


25. It was ________ great a party.


26. I didn’t grow ________ of dolls until a teenager.


27. This is the place ___________ has two swimming pools.


28. I was taken ___________ by her hostility.


29. Under no circumstances _______ our boss _______ disturbed.


30. Henry is plumy. He should __________ down on sweets.


31. Population is normally ____________ by politicians.


32. The car turned out to be better than they had ______________.


33. The figures _________ him out.


34. No sooner had I got in the car _______ I realized I forgot my mobile phone.


35. We ______ off more than we could __________.


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